New York Times reporter, Michael Moss, has a new book called “Sugar, Salt, Fat” that explains the scientific methods that food manufacturers use to keep consumers buying addictive snack foods.  

1. Food companies know how our brains work in a grocery store, and they pay big money for good placement.

A 2005 research study showed that people tend to move counterclockwise through supermarkets, from back to front — so eye-catching soda displays will be in the front right of the store to catch your attention when you go in.

2. The louder chips crunch, the better they taste. A study that found people rated chips as fresher and crispier when they made a louder noise.

3. Studies show that salt is addictive in some of the same ways as cigarettes or hard drugs, and food companies pack it into their products is astonishing amounts.

4. Commercially produced bread is heavy on salt because it keeps the machines from getting gummed up.

5. There's as much sugar in 1/2 cup of Prego tomato sauce as there is in three Oreos (two teaspoons).

6. "Fruit" drinks are some of the worst for you. Cherry Capri Sun has 28% more sugar per ounce than Coca-Cola.

7. The largest ingredient in Apple Jacks is sugar (43%).

8. A large (10-oz.) bag of Lay's packs one and a half days' worth of fat (about 100g).

9. Cheez Whiz does not list cheese as an ingredient.

10. Packaged food executives don't actually eat the products their companies make.

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