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I'm going crazy. I have a 12yr old daughter that clearly has been taken over by hormonal rage. EVERY sentence ends with a dramatic sigh. Every question is sarcastic and rude. Every conversation ends with this girl being upset and burdened. I GIVE UP!! It's like aliens took over. Her favorite new weapon is muttering under her breath. I asked her to clean her bathroom and she muttered " clean your own bathroom" In that moment, I became 12 again. I lost it. I just unloaded how tired I was of her negativity and disrespect. She has barely looked at me or spoken to me in 2 days, but she is just fine to her dad, who thinks this is all pretty funny. I have tried every approach. I have ignored it, I have been militant, I have been understanding. NOTHING HELPS. Any advice to keep me from losing my mind??