Are you one of those people that can't get anywhere on time? Well, it might not be your fault ... exactly. It's your brain. A new study has found that some people who are perpetually late have a defect in the part of their brain that controls time management.

Researchers call these perpetually late people "Producers." They are people who get an "ego boost from speeding through a long to-do list." Basically, the brain and the ego get stimulated when a "Producer" gets a lot done in a short amount of time – even if they don't get everything done when they are supposed to. So, your brain subconsciously forces you to procrastinate to get that surge from working under pressure.

So, next time your friends and family call your rude for showing up late to a gathering or your boss is putting pressure on you to complete a particular task, explain to them you can't possibly arrive early or hand a report in before it's due ... because your brain simply won't let you! (Today)