For some people, pets can feel more like their children than companions. A woman in Vancouver took her puppy mommy duties so seriously she actually convinced her employer to let her take maternity leave to care for her new fur baby. 

Tanya Olivia knows that some people might think requesting time off for a dog is strange, but she doesn't see it as any different than staying home with a newborn baby. She told a local news station, "I believe in making sure every man, woman, child, animal has the best chance in life, and by taking maternity leave for my puppy he is going to be just a great dog. So for me, investing in this time is investing in a lifetime of a wonderful pet."

Casper the dog is certain to be living the ultimate dog's life with Tanya as his human mommy. Now, how to convince work that a new goldfish is grounds for fishternity leave ... gotta make sure little Nemo adjusts to his new tank properly! (TheStir)