Have you ever noticed that it's easier to lose weight in certain parts of your body than in other parts ... like the places where you most want to lose weight?! It always seems that when you start losing weight it's your chest and your face that drops weight before, say, your stomach or thighs!

According to nutritionists, it's true that when you do lose weight, you lose weight first and faster in certain areas than others; however, it's different for every person and it's based entirely on your genetic makeup.

Experts say that you need to look to where you gain weight to determine where you are likely to lose weight first. The majority of women tend to gain weight in their breast area – which is why when they lose weight, the first thing to shrink is their chest. The other major factor is the woman's body always being ready for pregnancy. That's why the hips, butt and thigh area always seems like the hardest place to shed weight. The body holds onto this fat because it's crucial for childbearing! (WomensHealthMag)