It’s an old topic that's been hotly debated: can men and women really be friends? 

Here are three scenarios where it can be true.

If you and your friend are not sexually attracted to each other, it’s a good situation for a platonic friendship to grow and thrive. Regardless of whether or not you might recognize the other as good looking, if the sexual chemistry isn’t there you’re in the clear.

In some situations, only one of the friends is attracted to the other - but this can still be a scenario where the friendship stays alive as long as the friends are honest with each other. The friend with the feelings needs to make sure that they accept that there is no romantic future and set boundaries.

Even though it’s a much more challenging scenario, it is possible to be friends with someone you are attracted to - but can’t date because one or both of you is in a committed relationship. Keep your boundaries and be honest with your partner and you can enjoy a friendship with your attractive friend.