Talk about getting off on the wrong foot! The popular shoe and accessory retailer Nine West launched a new ad campaign in preparation for the fall shopping rush, and it made a lot of women very unhappy.

Their web site has been modified with a new shopping option called "shoe occasions," and if you thought the subcategories to this option would be work shoes or wedding shoes or even dance until dawn, you'd be so wrong. The only two subcategories are "Husband Hunting" and "First Day of Kindergarten." And there is another one on the way called "The Walk of Shame Collection."

In the mind of Nine West it appears women are either dressing to find a husband, dressing to drop their kids off at school, or dressing to leave a one night stand. Critics are screaming that this campaign is sexist and offensive, but Nine West told the New York Times that "they are just trying to stay current." (Today)



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