What if you and your baby's daddy aren't together anymore ... and he still wants in the delivery room? If you live in New Jersey, you don't have to share your labor with your estranged partner. Moms there now have the legal right to kick dads out of the delivery room.

This controversial ruling came about when New Jersey's Rebecca DeLuccia broke off her engagement with Steven Plotnick while she was pregnant with their son. Plotnick felt like he was being cut out of important moments in the pregnancy, so he actually sued for access to doctors' visits and the birth.

Believe it or not, the ruling came down on the day Rebecca went into labor. Although the judge, in his ruling, was sympathetic to the desires of Plotnick, the issue came down to the mom's right to privacy. And that means sorry, dads – being part of the delivery is a privilege, not a right. (TheStir)