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I'm a 25 years old woman who work incredibly hard to look good and I'm incredibly sick of this push to accept people's bodies who are fat and out of shape. I go to the pool all the time with my friends and the past few times my friend has invited her cousins to go. They are both way to heavy to be wearing the suits they wear. They are hanging out all over and it's gross.My friend keeps telling them how great they look, and it's a lie! People stare at all of us, and I'm embarrassed to be seen with them. I'm sick of pretending it's ok. I'm sick of looking at out-of-shape people strutting around all proud in their bikinis. 

I work my butt off – literally – so that people don't have to watch me jiggle all over the place, and I'd appreciate if others gave me the same consideration or cover it up. If these girls want to show it off in public, I have the right to tell the truth. Why should I lie? Lying is what let them get this way in the first place.