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Career-Related Resolutions Are Big For 2017

A lot of folks will be making New Year’s resolutions, and not everyone will be resolving to lose weight and get healthy. In fact, a lot of people will be making resolutions about their career and their future. A new CareerBuilder survey finds that 22% of folks are planning to change jobs in the New Year, with that number higher for workers ages 18 to 34 (35%).

But a new job isn’t the only career-related resolution folks will be making. According to the poll, 49% of workers are resolving to save more of their paycheck, while 38% aim to be less stressed in the New Year, and 30% are shooting to get a raise or promotion. What’s more, 28% of workers want to eat healthier on the job, while 26% hope to learn new skills by taking courses, training or seminars.


And if bosses are worried about losing their best employees they may want to listen up. Apparently there are some perks they can offer to keep their workers happy on the job. The most desired perk is half-day Fridays, which 40% of folks would love to have, followed by an on-site fitness center (27%), being able to wear jeans (23%), daily catered lunches (22%) and an office (22%).