Common New Year’s Resolution Dieting Mistakes

After weeks of eggnog cocktails and Christmas cookies, you might be considering starting your new year with a healthy diet. But if your eating plan consists of only broccoli and chicken breasts until the end of time, you’re not setting yourself up for success. A super restrictive diet isn’t realistic and you won’t stick to it, so you’ll probably end up yo-yo dieting and that’s not good for your metabolism. Here are some dieting mistakes to avoid when making those New Year’s resolutions.

Eating foods you don’t actually like - Chances are you won’t suddenly wake up craving kale on January 2nd after not eating anything green for a month, so be realistic. Registered dietitian Cassandra Suarez says one reason diets fail is that they force people to eat things they don’t like. So try different things to find what tastes good to you and don’t forget to experiment with spices and seasonings to give your healthy veggies some exciting flavors.

Expecting immediate results - Sadly, one week of healthy eating can’t undo the weeks of celebrating you just did. "The surest way to fall short of your goal or resolution is to make it unattainable," says registered dietitian Rene Ficek. "For instance, resolving to never eat your favorite takeout food again or aiming to lose 10 pounds in one month will backfire.” She says the key to success is to set smaller, realistic goals.

Not making your meals ahead of time - Cutting up veggies and having them ready to eat and cook with helps you stick to eating a balanced diet. Making extra servings of a meal will give you a healthy option on a busy weeknight.

Not checking labels at the grocery store - Make sure you’re reading ingredients as well as serving sizes on those nutrition labels before you add something to your shopping cart. Check out the sugar, calories, protein, and fiber before you buy.

Not having a backup plan for moments of weakness - It’s great to make a healthy change to your diet, but you’ve got to plan for how you’ll deal with roadblocks - like a tough day at work that would normally have you stress eating to deal. Instead of candy, maybe you can treat yourself to a massage or a yoga class instead.


Source: Women's Health