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How To Detox After A Big Drinking Night/Weekend

If you are planning to party for the New Year, plan ahead on how to get your body back on the mend. Here is what the experts say to do:


       Sleep in. Sadly, there is no cure for a hangover but sleeping through through the worst part of it is a start. And since alcohol gives you a crappy night’s sleep, you need the extra hours.

       Drink water. So. Much. Water. If you tossed back one too many last night, you’re probably dehydrated and that gives you a headache and makes you feel drained.

       Step up the re-hydration with electrolytes. Grab a Gatorade, coconut water, or some Pedialyte (the children’s drink and hardcore partier’s secret weapon) because they contain electrolytes, including sodium and potassium. You need those to help your body hold onto the water it needs.

       Eat eggs for breakfast. You need to get some food in your system because both alcohol and mixers are high in sugar, so a hangover is like a massive sugar crash. Eat some eggs if you can stomach it, because they have an amino acid that counteracts a toxic byproduct of alcohol metabolism. If you’re tummy can’t take that, start with something bland like crackers or rice.

       And sip some ginger tea. It helps the nausea and it’s super soothing. Plus, you need more water!

       With honey in it. Fructose has been shown (anecdotally and in some research) to speed up alcohol metabolism in the body. So honey is good and fruit’s good too!

       Go for a walk and get some fresh air. Some people swear that oxygen helps relieve hangover symptoms so getting outside and breathing some fresh air can only help. You might not feel like leaving the comfort of your couch, but it’s good to get out of your stuffy apartment for a few minutes.

       Ramp it up to a jog—or some other form of exercise. “Exercising produces endorphins (mood enhancers), which will help you feel better faster,” women’s health and wellness specialistBeth Ricanati explains.

       When your stomach can handle it, eat meat, beans and lentils. They’re full of energizing B vitamins which you need to replenish after a night of cocktails.



Source: Self