Back to School Pledge

As we head into another school year, get your kids and have them take the "Back to School" Pledge!  It's all about kindness and respect...and making friends.

We're going to pick some random kids that have taken the pledge and hook them up with a dozen cupcakes from Cake Fetish.

Have your kids read the pledge and agree to it below (and give us some more info) and they'll be entered to win.

Have a wonderful year....and Donnie says pay attention to spelling! 

Back to School Pledge

I will smile and say hi to kids I don’t know, because you never know who could be a be a new friend. Just because someone acts different, looks different, lives their life differently than I do, it doesn’t mean that we can’t be friends.

 If I see a kid that looks nervous or sad, I’ll go up to them and see if I can make them smile because if it were me, I’d want someone to help me.

 If I see someone sitting alone, I’ll invite them to sit next to me. If I see someone with no one to play with, I’ll invite them to play with me. If i were feeling lonely, I’d want someone to invite me. No one deserves to be alone. 

 It’s important to do your homework, pay attention, try your best & listen to your teachers. It’s also very important to be good people. It’s important to try to reach out when you see someone who needs it. You may not always be successful, they may not respond to your kindness, but I promise you, they will always remember it.