We Looking To Get Healthy & Feel Better About Ourselves In 2020, BUT....

There’s less than two weeks left of 2019, which means a lot of folks have probably started thinking about their New Year’s resolutions, and as you’d expect, a lot of those will likely have to do with losing weight and getting healthy.

A new Plant Fitness poll finds:

  • 72% of Americans are making a fitness resolution because they want to be healthier.
  • 62% are doing so to feel better about themselves, while 56% simply want to look better.
  • 47% of people are focusing on fitness for 2020 as a way of helping them reduce stress.

Of course sticking with those resolutions isn't always easy, but there are some things that can keep people motived.

  • 49% of those who have achieved past fitness success say the secret is seeing steady progress over the year.
  • What’s more, 31% say having a positive attitude will help with motivation, while 27% say knowing they’ll be less stressed helps them keep their resolution. 

And most people do realize that sticking to their health and fitness resolutions is going to be tough, with 77% worrying it will be difficult. In fact, many people think other resolutions would be easier, like: 

  • Cutting monthly expenses in half (23%)
  • Reduce use of smartphones to one our per day throughout the year (20%)
  • Get a new job (20%)
  • Learn a new language (15%)

Source: Yahoo Finance

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