11 True Facts About Men That They Hide From Others

An interesting article of things guys don't want others to know. Check out this list guys and see if it's true. Ladies, are these items true for your guy?

Here they are:

  1. Men see nightmares as disasters.
  2. Men bend over to pick up an object.
  3. Men like women with a healthy weight.
  4. Men are trying to attract the attention of a girl if they keep their thumbs on their belt.
  5. Men prefer compliments from other men.
  6. Men are friends through their interests
  7. Men eat twice as much when they are with women.
  8. Men prefer looser clothes with age.
  9. The lifestyle of a man largely depends on IQ.
  10. Men lie twice as often as women.
  11. Men stare at women for almost a year of their life.

Learn more about each of these facts and why there are on this list in this great article on Brightside.

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