Best Day To Get Back On Dating Apps In 2020

Ready to get back in the dating game in 2020? If you’ve been laying off the apps during the holidays, you may be ready to boot up all your old dating apps again and experts say there’s actually one day that’s the best one to get back on.

According to dating app Zoosk, in 2020 that day is Sunday, January 5th. It’s the first Sunday of the year and it’s actually been named “Dating Sunday” because it’s expected to be the busiest day of 2020 for dating apps. And it gets even more specific than that - apparently there’s also a best time to log in: 9:30 p.m., which is when there’s a spike in dating app activity.

So now that you’ve cleared your calendar for that, what makes this day and time so popular? “Dating Sunday falls during a time period when singles are extra-motivated to look for online connections,” explains Zoosk’s Chief Marketing Officer Luciana Telles. “It’s the first weekend after New Year’s Eve, which means people have not only set New Year’s resolutions, they’ve had a few days to think about how to put them into practice.”

Another reason January 5th is the day? It’s about six weeks from Valentine’s Day, so there’s plenty of time to spark something and have a date for February 14th.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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