How Those 25 and Under Feel About Valentine's Day

Many refer to Valentine’s Day as a “Hallmark Holiday” that they do not like to celebrate. But, Gen-Z takes it to the next level by sharing their real thoughts on the holiday on EduBirdie. (Gen-Z is people born 1995 or after!)

A survey of  2,012 Gen-Zers found:

• Most Gen-Zers are ignoring the day altogether.

• 15% don’t even acknowledge February 14 as any sort of holiday. 

• 25% said it was their decision not to celebrate. 

• 75% of females surveyed said they will participate in Galantine’s Day instead.

• 15% did say they would celebrate if they had someone to celebrate with. 

• Almost half of those surveyed said they use the day as an excuse to party and drink with their friends.

• More than half of those with significant others said they would rather spend the day doing an activity or experience together, such as going to the movies, rather than getting flowers and chocolate. 

Source: EduBirdie

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