2020 Primary Election--Request Your Absentee Ballot & Vote

2020 Primary Election - June 2, 2020

You must be a registered Democrat, Republican or Libertarian to vote in the Primary Election. If you wish to change your party affiliation it must be done by May 5, 2020. Voters will not be able to change their party (nor select one) during Early Voting.

Request Your Absentee Ballot

2020 Primary Election Contest/Candidate List

Key dates for 2020 Primary Election

May 5, 2020

-Voter Registration Closes for the Primary Election (applicable only to mail-in or online voter registration applications).

-Last day to select or change a major party affiliation. Only Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians may vote in primary.

-In-person absentee voting begins at Clerk's Annex

-County clerk mails out absentee ballots to all who have requested them.

May 16, 2020 - Early Voting begins

-Early Voting Convenience Centers

-Mobile Voting Unit Schedule

·May 28, 2020 - Last day to request an absentee ballot.

·May 29, 2020 – Last day county clerks can mail absentee ballots to voters who request them.

·May 30, 2020 - Last day of Early Voting

June 2, 2020 - Election Day Voting Convenience Centers

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