Survey: Parents Can’t Help Their Kids With Homework Without Google

Parents, time to 'fess up. How much do you rely on Google when it comes to helping your kids with their homework? According to a survey by homework assistance app Photomath, kids ask their parents for homework help an average of five times per week. The survey found that 56% of American parents would be stumped if they didn’t have Google to help them with their kids’ homework -- especially math. 

While 79% of parents surveyed said they can recall their own schooling when it comes to helping their kids, 70% revealed that math is where they run into difficulty. 

56% of parents say they have trouble with their math questions because their kids are learning the basics very differently than they did. What’s worse, 85% of parents admit that when deciding who is going to help the kids with their homework, negotiating more often than not turns into an argument. (SWNS)