This Is The Best Deli In All Of New Mexico

Photo: Getty Images

A deli is a classic option for picking up some ready-to-eat foods, like sandwiches, Italian classics, or Eastern European delicacies.

LoveFOOD released a list of each state's best deli. The website states, "We’ve searched each state for the best and highest-rated deli in each one, from street-corner stalwarts that make their own sausages, cured meats and pickles to favorite places to satisfy lunchtime cravings."

According to LoveFOOD, the best deli in New Mexico is Brown Bag Deli in Alamogordo. Here's what the website says about the deli:

"Brown Bag Deli may be small, and the décor might be on the basic side, but the food is neither of those things. The sandwiches, for example, are humongous and packed with flavour. Customers recommend the Ultimate Green Chile Chicken Club – described as one of the best sandwiches ever – and the sodas. The pickle and pepper bar, where people can help themselves, is another plus."

Click here to check out the full list of each state's best deli.

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