Jessica Szohr Launches Juicy 'Gossip Girl' Podcast 'XOXO'

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Gossip Girl here with some juicy news—Jessica Szohr has launched a podcast all about the show. Szohr, who played Vanessa on the wildly popular CW series, will be looking back at the show on XOXO.

Szohr's podcast will be the ultimate deep dive into the original Gossip Girl series. The show will feature interviews with the cast and crew, as well as moguls in music, fashion, and entertainment, that will reveal juicy behind-the-scenes stories, on-set memories, and more. Most of all, the podcast will be a walk down memory lane for Szohr, her fellow castmates, crew, and fans alike, showing just how Gossip Girl changed their lives and influenced today’s culture.

Szohr shared the "very exciting" news with Gossip Girl fans over on Instagram. She teased the first episode, as well, which includes an interview with the "brilliant minds that it all," Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

Szohr chatted with Teen Vogue about the podcast, as well, and shared what it's been like to watch the show again all these years later. “It's bringing back all these like warm, fuzzy feelings. We're taking a walk down memory lane," she told the outlet. "Now I can totally see why this show hit the way it did and why it was a fan favorite and why people thought it was so epic. Not that I didn't see that before, it's just I'm a little bit more removed, and older, and a mom.”

For Szohr, the best part is being reminded of all the storylines she's forgotten in the years since the show ended. "Even though I read all the scripts and knew the storylines, you forget a lot after so many years. There were always so many things going on," she said. "Serena goes to Blair and tells her she killed someone, Vanessa comes back, Blair dates a Lord, Blair loses her virginity to Chuck, Nate has an affair with an older woman, Lily gets engaged to Bart, Eric comes out as gay and comes back from rehab, Georgina comes and stirs the pot. Every single episode there's a bomb being dropped every couple of scenes."

"But I'm learning things from behind the scenes of some of the casting situations, and Leighton having to dye her hair brown so the network could see the 'Blair brown' because they already were thinking about Blake for Serena," she continued. "I've teared up because of some of the things we went through and did and learned, and we laugh about some of the shit we did, and it's just a mix of emotion."

When asked where she thinks her character would be today, she said: "Vanessa had a very deep love for Dan, so I think even after they were out of their early twenties after NYU, I feel like that was the one that got away for Vanessa. It took her a while to get past that, but she's living her life in Europe. People that grow up in New York and Brooklyn tend to always migrate back [to the city]. But I think right now she's just living her best life in Europe somewhere."

You can listen to XOXO now.

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