This Is New Mexico's Most Googled Question About The Super Bowl

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Not everyone in New Mexico is a football know-it-all. The same goes across the country.

While Sunday is a big day for some, it might be just another Sunday for a lot of people. That's why MI Bets, a betting website, created a list of the most Googled Super Bowl questions by state.

Oklahoma might be a bit more clueless than you think... The most Googled NFL question in New Mexico is "who is Kyle Shanahan?" for crying out loud. (Answer: San Francisco 49ers head coach)

The most Googled Super Bowl question in New Mexico is "who has the most superbowl wins in NFL?" according to the betting site. That was the No. 1 question for 26 states. To answer the highly-demanded question, it's the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots, with six Super Bowl rings each.

To compile the list, MI Bets said it "analyzed more than 4,000 Super Bowl and general knowledge NFL-related search queries using data from the Google Ads platform."

MI Bets also compiled a list of what 10 states are most eager to watch the Super Bowl. New Mexico is pretty lukewarm.

  1. Kansas
  2. Colorado
  3. Missouri
  4. Nebraska
  5. Utah
  6. Wyoming
  7. Idaho
  8. Arizona
  9. Massachusetts
  10. Nevada

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