New Mexico To Expand Its Free College Program For More Students

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The state of New Mexico is expanding its free college program this fall.

One-time funding for $75 million has been approved for a year-long program that will help New Mexico residents return to college if they couldn't previously finish or if they've been out of high school for a longer period of time, according to The Associated Press. The funding, approved this week by Democratic majorities in the Legislature, will help cover costs including fees, living expenses and tuition.

The funding allows for students to move to New Mexico, establish residency and get a free degree — if the state can afford to keep paying for it.

The state expects about 35,000 students would be funded to pursue either two- or four-year degrees and college certificates, according to The Associated Press.

New Mexico has a separate college program, Lottery Scholarships, that offers free tuition to two- and four-year colleges for residents who recently graduated high school — but students need to pay for their first semester and have a GPA of at least 2.5. The new funding would cover that first semester.

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