Every Reason Why You Need To Dine At New Mexico's Oldest Restaurant

Southwest New Mexican Cuisine: Basket of Sopapillas (Close-Up)

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In New Mexico, a culinary treasure awaits — one that not only serves the most tasty and memorable dishes, but also offers a captivating journey through history.

El Farol, the oldest dining establishment in New Mexico, stands as a testament to the unforgettable essence of fine dining. With its origins tracing back to many years, this treasured establishment beckons both locals and travelers to engage in an experience that seamlessly blends the charm of yesterday's past with the pleasures of the palate.

LoveFood.com stepped into the world of the Santa Fe-based El Farol in honor of recognizing every U.S. state's oldest eatery still going strong. After all, this is where time-honored place and a rich heritage converge to create a timeless dining experience. Isn't that an invitation that's impossible to resist?

Here's what LoveFood.com shared about El Farol,

"El Farol has been a highlight of Santa Fe's dining scene for more than a century and it still deals in top-notch New Mexico cuisine and Spanish tapas and entrées today. Graze on everything from green chile chicken enchiladas to paella in a simple dining room filled with tan leather and exposed wood. You can also catch a traditional flamenco show three nights a week."

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