The Absolute Best Pancakes In New Mexico Can Be Tried At This Local Eatery

Pancakes with caramel sauce

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there is one iconic breakfast food that nobody will ever get bored of.

Pancakes — the delicious, golden and fluffy discs of early morning delight — are a beloved staple of American morning cuisine, but they also transcend geographical boundaries and cultural differences, uniting culinary enthusiasts from coast to coast. set off on a quest to identify the undisputed champions of the pancake world. The end result? A reliable list of the best pancakes in every state.

The honored eateries offer a variety of applaudable, standout features including perfectly balanced batter, unique toppings and the captivating ambiance of the restaurant itself.

In New Mexico, the tastiest pancakes can be found at Plaza Café in New Mexico.

Here's what was said about the establishment serving up pancake perfection:

"According to Only in Your State, the Plaza Café's Blue Corn Piñon pancakes are uniquely delicious and doused in cinnamon-scented syrup and flavored butter. The combination of the textured, nutty cake and toppings make it a fun riff on an old favorite and put the Plaza Cafe on the map as a prime Santa Fe eatery.
Tripadvisor reviewers agree: The Blue Corn Piñon pancakes are superb and really take this humble coffee shop to new innovative gastronomical levels."

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