The Most ‘Legendary’ Breakfast Sandwich To Try In New Mexico

Hearty Breakfast Sandwich on a Bagel

Photo: Getty Images

Some argue that breakfast sandwiches are the best part of waking up.

From warm, toasted English muffins to freshly baked bagels, such a delicious variety of ingredients is bound to start your day on a good note. Now layer eggs, scrambled or fried to just right, sizzling, crispy bacon or a blanket of warm, melted cheese, and the perfect breakfast sandwich does indeed exist!

Such breakfast sandwich creations are so mouth-watering that they are actually considered “legendary” in their home states. In fact, In fact, Cheapism recently published a list of the most legendary breakfast sandwich from every state across the country.

With each flavorful bite, it becomes easier and easier to understand how these breakfast sandwiches earned their notable titles. All of these unique delights are more than a means to wake up. They transform an ordinary morning into an extraordinary one that you want to replicate the next day and the day after that.

In New Mexico, The Grove in Albuquerque serves the tastiest breakfast sandwich:

“A popular brunch option, The Grove offers a "fancy breakfast sandwich": two over-easy eggs, gruyere, bacon, arugula, mayo, and "fancy" hot sauce. The homemade English muffin it's served on makes it all worthwhile.”

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