Preply Drops Its Top Slang Terms Of 2023

Preply has dropped its list of the most common slang terms of 2023. Only two-percent of parents knew every word on this year's list. Some terms were held over from 2022, like salty and extra, but several new entries made this year's list, put together by language learning platform Preply. The list found the most used slang word is "sus," short for suspicious, followed by "bet," which means "I agree," and "yeet," to violently throw something.

Here are the top slang terms for 2023;

  • Sus - "Giving the impression that something is questionable or dishonest; suspicious."
  • Bet - "An expression that means 'I agree', 'good news'."
  • Yeet - "To violently throw an object that you deem to be worthless, inferior or just plain garbage."
  • Salty - ""When you are upset over something little."
  • Cap - "Another word for lying. It can be used like no cap or you can say stop capping."
  • Extra - "Being over the top, excessive, dramatic behavior."
  • Bussin' - "What you would say if something was really good."
  • Bougie - "Used to describe someone as high class, literally or figuratively."
  • Sheesh - "An expression when you’re impressed or amazed by something."
  • Drip - ""When something is very cool. Can be used to describe an outfit/accessory, person, song, etc."
  • Oof - "Can be used to express discomfort, stress, or sadness."
  • Finna - "Abbreviation of 'fixing to'. Normally means 'going to'."

Source: USA Today

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