Lots of us enjoy celebrating the holidays with loved ones and a festive cocktail in hand. Some folks prefer a classic libation, while others like something with a splash of cheer to toast the season. A new study from Upgraded Points reveals the favorite holiday cocktails across the country and in each state.

The travel company used Google Trends data to analyze the searches for 50 seasonal drinks, revealing the most popular drinks in every state in the U.S. According to their research:

  • Christmas Punch is the most popular holiday cocktail, winning in 11 states including Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio and Michigan.
  • Eggnog comes in second with six states. The classic boozy beverage is a favorite in Oregon, Texas, Illinois, New Mexico, Wyoming and Vermont.
  • Cranberry Mimosa, a seasonal spin on the traditional brunch cocktail, is the top choice in four states - South Carolina, Kentucky, Iowa and Delaware.
  • Hot Buttered Rum is also the favorite in four states, Washington, Montana, Idaho and Alaska.
  • Irish Coffee warms you up from the winter chill and it’s the most popular holiday cocktail in four states as well, California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii.
  • Winning three states is the tropical coconut Coquito, they love it in Florida, New York and Connecticut.
  • Cranberry Orange Whiskey Sour is also the most popular festive cocktail in three states, Virginia, North Carolina and New Jersey.
  • Christmas Margarita, a festive take on the classic cocktail, is the top choice in two states, Colorado and Nebraska.
  • In Minnesota, they prefer a Maple Old Fashioned, South Dakotans like a White Russian, while in North Dakota they enjoy a Tom and Jerry, down in Louisiana the most popular is Milk Punch, Utah likes to sip Wassail, Wisconsin’s favorite holiday cocktail is a Brandy Alexander, in Maine they love Apple Cider Mimosas, a Cranberry Moscow Mule wins in New Hampshire, in Rhode Island it’s Apple Cider Sangria, Massachusetts likes Cranberry Sangria, Maryland’s top choice is a Peppermint Martini and in Washington, D.C., a Negroni is the favorite during the holiday season.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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