New Mexico Is Now The Third State To Do This, Making History In Space

Extra-vehicular Astronaut

New Mexico is now officially the third state in the nation to launch human beings into space, reported KOAT 7.

Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity sent two individuals along with NASA technology supported experiments into outer space this weekend.

The launch into space marked three "firsts":

  • the first spaceflight from Virgin Galactic's headquarters at Spaceport America
  • the first time humans have flown into space from the state of New Mexico
  • C.J. Sturckow is now the first astronaut to fly into space from three different U.S. states.

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham stated:

"It is monumental, and too many New Mexicans don't know about our proud space history. This is the culmination of efforts since 1946, and we need to be prouder, and we need to keep talking about New Mexico's successes."

Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Colgizer said:

"Our next flight, we plan to have a full crew in the back, in addition to our two pilots. Assuming that it all goes as smoothly and beautifully as it did today, our next flight will be a repeat but it will be focused on the private astronaut experience. And yes, Sir Richard is going to come and be that tester for us."

Photo: Getty Images

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