Happy National Hot Dog Day!

FULL STORY:  Joey Chestnut took down 63 hot dogs on July 4th this year. But that wasn't National Hot Dog Day . . . TODAY is. It's always the third Wednesday in July. Here are a few Hot Dog Day deals going on today . . .

  1.  Nathan's Famous locations have a buy-one-get-one deal where your second dog only costs a nickel. That's how much they were when their original location in Coney Island open in 1916.

 2.  Wienerschnitzel is selling chili dogs for a buck, but you have to buy four.  (There's a nice healthy lunch option!)

  3.  Hot Dog on a Stick has a buy-one-get-one deal. But it's only for turkey dogs and veggie dogs, and you have to be a rewards member.

  4.  Dog Haus has a coupon for one free hot dog, no purchase necessary.



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