KFC Is Bringing Back Its "Double Down" Sandwich After Nearly a Decade

This was one of the pioneers of over-the-top fast food items, and now it's back: KFC just announced they're bringing back their infamous DOUBLE DOWN sandwich for the first time in almost a decade.

 It's the one with two fried chicken patties instead of buns. No bread, just one chicken patty . . . bacon, cheese, and sauce . . . and another chicken patty on top.

  It debuted in 2010 after they announced it in an April Fools' Day press release. So people thought it was a joke, but it was very real. It's 950 calories, or almost twice as many as a Big Mac.

 They brought it back for a few weeks in 2014, and haven't sold it in the U.S. since then. So it's been about nine years.

 It'll hit their menu next Monday as a limited-time-only thing again. It'll be around for one month this time if you want to try it. 


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