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5 Foods Items Only in Albuquerque I would Ruin My Diet For Right Now

New year, new you right? We all are trying to improve in some way in 2018 right? Many of us have declared this will be the year we take off those pounds and started a lifestyle change as of January 1, 2018. 

We live in a state known for our rich culture, awesome diversity and of course our delicious food. How can one truly stick to a diet all year round, with all the delicious food we are surrounded by? IF...(*Keyword "IF") we as New Mexicans decided it would be a cheat day, these would probably be the go-to foods we all would "cheat" with. 

Dions Pizza! Yes, it might be a cliche "New Mexican" thing....but how can one stay away from the delicious green chile pizza of course with a side of ranch....mouth watering sub sandwiches and iconic salads. Hey, that's right... salads are part of the diet right? We're in!

Sadies Stuffed sopapilla. Ever sit and think, you know what my life is missing....a stuffed sopapilla from Sadies?  All the fixings...warm fluffy sopapilla... red or green or both!  So darn good!!!!

Laguna Burger. Ever driven up to 66 Pit Stop to try one of the best things on this planet? It is worth the drive and luckily they have now opened up a new Laguna Burger on 12th street that is much closer. Put one of these in front of me, and yes...diet is ruined. Trust me, there is always room for chile cheese fries no matter what they say. 

Chile Dog Hotdog from Dog House. 

Bring cash only and if that means making an extra stop at the ATM, it will be worth it. Something about the spicy chile, gooey cheese on this footlong dog that makes being bad worth it! 

And for dessert...

If you are going to mess up the diet, then you need to go all out right? That includes dessert and a Frontier Sweet Rolll! 

Frontier is legendary for their  sweet rolls. These babies ooze butter and are soft, cinnamony pillows of heaven. Let's say you don't want to ruin your diet right now.  You can always buy a 6 pack and put it in the freezer for later. Later as in tomorrow.

All photos from Yelp.com 

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