Ideas on How To Have a Lazy Valentines Day *List

Love is being able to wear your lounge pants after a long day around your signifiant other. Sometimes, the work days are so long and going out and getting dressed up doesn't  sound desirable at all. But when Valentine’s Day rolls around, that’s kind of the expectation for a lot of couples. The thing is, you don’t have to leave the house to show your sweetie how special they are to you, as long as your bae doesn’t mind a lazy Valentine’s celebration. Here are some uber relaxing ways to enjoy it at home.

  • Have dinner and a movie in your bed - Nothing says “I love you” more than your shared desire to relax and play it low-key on Valentine’s Day. And one of the best ways to celebrate that love is with dinner and a movie - in bed - where you’re comfy, cozy, and ready for any post-dinner lovin’. Maybe a heart shape pizza perhaps? 
  • Order delivery from a bougie restaurant - Make the most of love’s holiday by switching up your takeout order from your go-to Chinese place to that trendy spot you both wanted to try. By ordering it in, you get to enjoy fine cuisine in the comfort of your sweats. What could be more romantic?
  • Have a wine tasting night in - This one takes a little planning, but instead of splurging on a fancy dinner out, you could buy a few bottles of nicer wine you both want to try. Add some cheese and crackers and you’re all set.
  • Have a romantic game night... with a twist - All you need is some booze, some board games, and some creativity to turn those family-friendly games into some naughty fun.
  • Camp out in your living room - It’s freezing outside, but you can bring the outdoors in by pitching a tent in the living room. Light some candles and enjoy camping with the convenience of your own bathroom just steps away.

Source: EliteDaily