Chick-fil-A adds green chile to menu

If there is one thing New Mexicans love, it's our green chile! 

Today was a glorious day when local Chick-Fil-A  announced they have added green chile to their menu to please the locals. Here is the thing, it is only temporary and only being served at the Central and Eubank location. 

Be vocal about your love for it and make it known you want to see it on the menu permanently and who knows, maybe we can see it on the menu a little longer. 

According to KRQE

"It is the only one in Albuquerque offering it right now.

Just take a picture in the store and post to their Facebook page with a #eatmorechile or #chickfilacentral. Show it at the register and you will receive a free mystery item."

Now who do we talk to about that Sunday thing? 

Source: KRQE

Photo Credit: KRQE

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