Unique Foods To Try at the New Mexico State Fair

Who doesn't love the food at the fair? How does a deep fried bacon green chile mozzarella on a stick? Oh yeah, it's also covered in crushed Doritos!

Yesterday the "Unique Foods Competition"  was held at the State Fair. 1st place winner was deep fried bacon green chile mozzarella on a stick. 

Second place went to a pineapple upside down funnel cake. 

Check out other awesome unique foods to try at the State Fair

Item: Wonderstick

· Item Description: A unique shaped cone filled with cool refreshing ice cream. The gluten free cone is thick and crunchy which prevents it from getting soggy as the ice cream melts. Its unique shape also helps prevent potential drips.

· Concessionaire Information:

o Wonderstick

o This is 1st year.

o Located: In the Food Court

Item: The Bexster

· Item Description: Hand patty perfectly molded into a quarter pound of beef slow cooked and lightly seasoned, grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, crisp bacon, avocado, American cheese, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, pickle, lettuce, and tomato….topped with a fried egg and green chile – served on a toasted bun.

· Concessionaire Information:

o Rex’s Hamburgers

o This is Rex Thompson’s 48th year.

o Located: In the Food Court.

1ST PLACE WINNER - Item: Deep Fried Bacon Green Chile Mozzarella Stick

· Item Description: Mozzarella cheese covered in our own bacon green chile batter. Fried to a golden brown and rolled in crushed Doritos. Served on a stick.

Concessionaire Information:

o Quesada NM Food

o This is Mike Quesada’s 18th year.

o Located: In the Food Court

Item: Peanut Butter Brownie Pie

· Item Description: This popular dessert combines our favorite foods, brownies and pie. The velvety chocolate envelopes your tongue and the peanut butter explodes on your taste buds. This pie will be a favorite of children from 4 to 94. For the ultimate indulgence, have the slice of pie with a cold scoop of vanilla ice cream.

· Concessionaire Information:

o Asbury Pie Café 

o This is Asbury’s United Methodist Church 59th year.

o Located: On Main Street next to the Hispanic Art Gallery.

Item: Cowboy Philly

· Item Description: Our traditional Philly Cheese Steak ramped up with guacamole, bacon, jalapeno and green chile creating an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

· Concessionaire Information:

o Stuffies

o This is Jerry and Debbie Phillips 40th year.

o Located: In the Food Court.

Item: Bacon Wrapped Cheese Bomb

· Item Description: Handmade Monterey cheese cubed, wrapped in dough and then bacon. Cooked in an oven and then deep fried to perfection. Served with a rice crispy treat and drizzled with chocolate.

· Concessionaire Information:

o Make’In Bacon

o This is Rex Thompson’s 48th year overall but 6th year with this stand.

o Located: In the Food Court

2ND PLACE WINNER ~ Item: Pineapple Upside Down Funnel Cake

· Item Description: Our funnel cake batter infused with pineapple and maraschino cherry. Deep fried to a delicious golden brown. Topped with brown sugar, pineapple rings, powdered sugar, and maraschino cherries.

· Concessionaire Information:

o Exotic Funnel Cakes

o This is Mike and Julie Quesadas 17th year.

o Located: In the Food Court.

Item: Crawfish Tacos

· Item Description: Crawfish sautéed in butter and garlic to perfection. Placed in a corn tortilla with a bed of delicious coleslaw and topped with a mouthwatering sweet and spicy mango salsa.

· Concessionaire Information:

o Gators & Tators

o This is Brian Mounts 5th year.

o Located: In the Food Court

Photo from Kristen Currie KRQE

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