Top stolen cars in New Mexico

The National Insurance Crime Bureau released its list of top stolen cars in 2017:

  • Honda Civic, 1998
  • Honda Accord, 1997
  • Ford Pickup, 2006
  • Chevrolet Pickup, 2004
  • Toyota Camry, 2017

In New Mexico, the list of top stolen cars looks a bit different:

  •  Chevrolet Pickup, 2006
  •  Ford Pickup, 2004
  •  GMC Pickup, 2005
  •  Dodge Pickup, 2001
  •  Honda Civic, 1998 

Police say they have an auto theft task force in place, bait car programs running, and teams working to get cars back.

To protect your vehicle, APD says you can do simple things like getting a club or a good car alarm. Many cars comes with options such as OnStar or LoJack.

Newer models of Hyundai sedans have been targeted as well in Albuquerque,  according to APD. 

Source: KOB TV

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