How do you know you found THE ONE? Relationship lessons from Reddit.

People spend a lot of time thinking about and searching for “The One.” We found out a lot from thousands of comments from the relationship forums of Reddit  to find out what could be learned from the folks who’ve been there before. They were able to use keywords to identify the qualities people value in long-term relationships and traits that let them know they found “The One.”Surprise Surprise, love is not #1

Communication was the most popular response, with over 70% of people mentioning it as helping them know they’d found their person. And these were the other top traits:

  • Communication: 72% - This was the top answer, with nearly three-quarters of people mentioning communication.
  • Respect: 20.4% - Coming in second is respect, with 20.4% of comments mentioning it as how they knew their partner was “The One.”
  • Love: 16.8% - You’d think love would come in higher, but with nearly 17%, it’s third on the list.
  • Trust: 15% - It’s crucial for a long-term relationship, but trust clocks in at number four.
  • Friendship: 14.2% - Friendship is an important foundation for love, so it’s not a surprise to see it in the top five.
  • Affection: 12.4% - Being friends with your partner is important, but 12% of people point to affection as the way they realized they had met “The One.”
  • Confidence: 10.6% - Surprised to see this on a list of what people associate with their soulmate? Nearly 11% of people say it helped them know they found their mate.
  • Humor: 7.1% - It’s an important trait, but only just over 7% say it helped them identify “The One.”
  • Appreciation: 3.5% - Having someone who doesn’t take you for granted is crucial, earning appreciation the number nine spot on this list.

Source: Bustle 

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