Fall Is The Best Time To Fall In Love

Pumpkin patches, cuddling and watching scary movies. Love is in the air, literally. There is something romantic about Fall, right? 

As the days get shorter in autumn, melatonin levels elevate in the brain, so we feel more sluggish and want to lounge at home, preferably with a sweetie, explains Dr. Helen Fisher, chief scientific advisor of Match.com. “Then testosterone rises in November, triggering even more desire to snuggle with a lover,” she says. “By then, cuffing season is in full bloom.”

So there’s the science-backed explanation of why fall is ideal for falling in love, and here are some other reasons the “-ber months” (September, October, and November) are best for finding new romance.

  • You want to cuddle all the time - The drop in temperature helps us want to snuggle up under a blanket and sip apple cider with someone.
  • You’re not sweating so much - Summer lovin’ is great and all, but going on dates while drenched in sweat? Not so much.
  • Fall has the best activities - With options like hayrides, haunted houses, apple picking and corn mazes, dates during the fall season are the best.
  • The treats are so good - It’s easy to bond with your partner while sharing apple and pumpkin pies, apple cider doughnuts, and cranberry cobblers.

Source: Elite Daily

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