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13Totally Albuquerque Inspired Halloween Costumes

Need some inspiration for your Halloween costume? How about inspiration from our surroundings. Check out these 13 costumes inspired by all things local! 

**Updated. 14 Totally  Albuquerque inspired Halloween Costume. Make sure you scroll to the end.

1. Blake's 

2. Al Hurricane 

What better way to pay tribute to the Godfather of New Mexico music than to honor him.

3. Bottle of Ranch 

if Kanye can be a bottle of water, why can't you be a bottle of best ranch in the world?

4. Ron Bell

Everyones favorite lawyer. If you don't know his number by heart, then we can't be friends

5. Red or Green? 

No one does it better than the Chile Peppers from the Isotopes, but hey you can do it too right?

6. Balloon Fiesta Inspired 

Ever want to be balloon pilot, just like the ones at the 'Balloon Fiesta'? Now you can!

7. Construction barrel.  How many of these do we encounter daily?

8. Golden Pride Burrito

9. Sopapilla and Honey. 

Sure that might not be a sopapilla, but it gives you and idea. Plus, hey it could be an idea for a couples costume theme? 

10. Better Call Saul

Because we just love him and the show!

11. Anything Breaking Bad!

12. Los Pollos Hermanos Worker 

Breaking Bad inspired or you can do a double costume and use the same color theme to be a Dions employee.

13. La Lollorona 

The folklore tale that scared the bejesus out of kids everywhere. 


Make that 14 inspired local costumes. 

14. Steve Stucker- Everyone's favorite weatherman

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