According to In-N-Out CEO, New Mexico Could Get An In-N-Out Burger

Last week, Lynsi Snyder -- CEO of  In-N-Out Burger -- gave a rare, in-depth interview toForbes and spoke about the possibility of expanding. 

She discussed not expanding to places that wouldn't make sense for the chain ( like places on the East Coast), but she also discussed expanding to places that would make sense... like places that are in route to supply centers nearby.... yes like New Mexico!


Last November, In-N-Out announced it would expand to Colorado—once it finishes building a new regional headquarters and a patty-making facility there, likely by 2020. New Mexico may be next, a few years after Colorado, Snyder says, since the new supply center is nearby. Snyder still abides by the long-standing In-N-Out rule that all new restaurants fall within a day’s drive from the nearest warehouse, so meat and other ingredients stay fresh. "

Read the entire Forbes interview HERE

Does that mean it will happen? The CEO said herself, the chances are good. Will it be soon? No. But sure gives New Mexicans hope!

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