Upcoming Disney Movie To Film at This New Mexico High

Disney Pictures chose Moriarty High for several scenes in an upcoming Disney movie, "Star Girl." Filming will take place next week. 

Most filming will take place at the football field at MHS. It still is an exiting opportunity for this East Mountain town and has everyone buzzing. They are also looking for extras.

Story from KRQE

"In a bulletin on the city of Moriarty's website, there's a bulletin calling for the entire community to get involved in the movie. 

The casting agency says they need 500 people for each day of their five-day shoot to be extras, and some may even have speaking roles. 

The casting agency says they would like their extras to be people of all ages, who live in the East Mountains. 

If you'd like to take part, click here to apply.

Story from KRQE