Our Mayor Signs bill in Pantera Christmas Sweater

Mayor Tim Keller has been getting some national attention for his 'Ugly Christmas Sweater", but for rock fans there is nothing ugly about it, and just makes our mayor that cool!  

The wore the sweater while signing a bill  that gives extended parental leave to city employees—up to 12 weeks, the Albuquerque Journal reports—making Albuquerque the first city in New Mexico to extend such benefits to its municipal employees.

Keller seems to be a metal fan for quite some time. He's s even introduced acts like Trivium and Anthrax.

“Albuquerque has always been pretty strong on the heavy metal front,” Keller told The New York Times earlier this year in a piece espousing the lawmaker’s “enthusiastic embrace of heavy metal [as] a signature feature of his administration.”

Source Altpress.com

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