This 'Breaking Bad' Airbnb is awesome and in Albuquerque!

If you are a Breaking Bad fan and can't wait for the upcoming film, here is something to help you get your BB "fix"...and hey bonus, the house is right here in Albuquerque. It's called " Breaking Bad House 5.3" and the house was filmed in an episode. If you are a fan, then you might remember the house from "Hazard Pay". In the episode Walt and Jessie cook meth inside a home while they pretend to be bug exterminators,“Vamanos Pest.”

Want to rent the home? The home includes the ' famous hazmat suits and "Vamanos Pest " just incase you want to get the right photo.

The house has 4-bedrooms and sleeps 16. It has a gorgeous backyard so you can do some "cooking" of your own, and is less than a 30-minute drive to many of the show’s most famous locations including Walter White’s home.

Want to see more photos or even rent the home? Click HERE

Source: KOAT

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