Hatchelorettes: Baby Showers For Baby Shower Haters

Hate Baby Showers? Then this might be for you!

The new trend, Hatchelorette partie! It's a fun alternative to the traditional baby shower.

Bachelorette + hatching a baby = hatchelorette. 

Some women out there love baby showers, while others may choose to skip it and celebrate their new baby with a hatchelorette party. 

The hatchelorette spoils guests with luxuries like yoga and a delicious food. This kind of party can include different activities, based on the new mom’s personality ( I for one would choose to have tacos)... But hatchelorettes include amazing food, a relaxing venue, and pampering amenities. Some women are renting an Airbnb and lounging by the pool, having massages, and watching cheesy rom-coms at the sleepover. As long as the mama-to-be is happy, you can’t go wrong.

A hatchelorette party seems like a fun alternative to the traditional baby shower. 

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