Thieves steal from ABQ bride to be

From KOB-TV:

An Albuquerque bride-to-be was planning for her big day when the unthinkable happened. Thieves broke into her garage, stole precious items and left her emotionally shattered.

That woman, Delfina Velasquez, hopes someone can help her retrieve those items that were stolen from her garage while she was asleep just a few yards away. She's sharing her story that too many people here in the metro experience time and time again.

Rather than focus on her Aug. 5 wedding, Velasquez's attention is on what happened at her home last week. 

"My fiance came in and asked if I had opened the garage. And I said,' no I hadn't," she said. "And he noticed that items were missing from my vehicle, being my purse."

Inside that purse were hundreds of dollars which was to be paid to the caterer.

"My life was in that bag," she said. "There was also my daughter's birth certificate, her social security card, my fiance's ring I just purchased."

Velasquez said her purse also contained some items which are irreplaceable.

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