The Dish for July 17th 2017

MARTIN LANDAU: Oscar-Winner Dies at 89   

Martin Landau, the Oscar-winning actor best known for the classic TV series Mission: Impossible and the movie Ed Wood, died Saturday in Los Angeles at age 89.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, he died of "unexpected complications" after a brief stay at UCLA Medical Center.

In 1994, the veteran actor won his first and only Oscar for his portrayal of Bela Lugosi in Tim Burton’s Ed Wood.

Born June 1928 in Brooklyn, New York, Landau was nominated five times for an Emmy -- three times for his role as Rollin Hand in Mission: Impossible. Laundau's other major parts came in Woody Allen's Crimes and Misdemeanors and Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest.

GEORGE A. ROMERO: Night of the Living Dead Director Dies at 77

Legendary horror director George A. Romero has died at 77.

The filmmaker reportedly passed away Sunday in his sleep following a “brief but aggressive battle with lung cancer.”

Romero is best known for creating the modern zombie genre with the 1968 movie Night of the Living Dead, which he co-wrote and directed.

Born in 1940 in the Bronx, New York, Romero also directed the movies Dawn of the Dead, Creepshow, The Dark Half and, most recently, Survival of the Dead (2009). (LA Times)


The first trailer for A Wrinkle in Time is out. The adaptation of the classic children's books stars Storm Reid, Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey. The movie opens March 9th.


SHIA LABEOUF: Not an Alcoholic, Just a Bad Drunk

Shia LaBeouf insists that he doesn't have a drinking problem, but has a problem with how he behaves when he's drinking.

The actor, who apologized this week for his drunken behavior during his arrest in Savannah, Georgia last weekend, had referred to his drinking as an "addiction," but now says he's not an alcoholic because he doesn't feel the need to drink. LaBeouf is in Savannah shooting his new movie, The Peanut Butter Falcon, and says he will not have another drink until he's done filming. His lawyer insists that once the movie wraps up, he will seek professional help for his behavior. (TMZ)

ED SHEERAN: Cameo in Season Premiere of GOT

Ed Sheeran appeared on last night’s season premiere of Game of Thrones.

He tweeted an image taken on set (quote) “Throwback to the time I was a Lannister.”

Twitter joked that the Game of Thrones catchphrase “Winter is Here” ought to have been “Ginger is Here.”

Like in real life, Sheeran’s character played the guitar. His voice caught the attention of Arya Stark [pr: ARE-yuh]. She stopped to hear him sing and complimented his “pretty song.”

Back in March, at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, producers teased this cameo. They’d tried for years to get Sheeran. The actress who plays Arya, Maisie [pr: Macy] Williams absolutely adores Ed. So his appearance was a surprise gift of sorts to her. (Entertainment Tonight

Ed joked in the spring that Game of Thrones characters face only two fates (quote) “and I’d prefer to have sex than die in the show.”  (Daily Star)



Aaron Carter was arrested Saturday in Georgia on suspicion of driving under the influence and pot possession. The singer was released the next day on $4,000 bail. (E! Online)

Disney has announced the cast of its live-action Aladdin remake. Naomi Scott will play Princess Jasmine, Mena Massoud will portray Aladdin and Will Smith will take on the Genie. Guy Ritchie will direct.

Ryan Lochte is in the clear in his Rio robbery case. A year ago, he was charged with filing a false police report. Though the Olympic swimmer claimed he was held up, it later emerged that he had vandalized a gas station and was held by security for damages. (Gossip Cop)

Stuntman John Bernecker has died after falling on the set of The Walking Dead. He was 33. (Washington Times)

DOCTOR WHO: First Female Doctor Announced

Jodie Whittaker was announced Sunday as Doctor Who's 13th Time Lord.

In the show's 54-year-history, she's the first woman to land the role.

She takes over for Peter Capaldi, whose run on the BBC series began in 2013. His last episode and her first will come with this year's Doctor Who Christmas special.

The actress says it was "overwhelming, as a feminist" to become the next Doctor.

Jodi starred on the BBC series Broadchurch along with 10th Doctor David Tennant. And that's not all. Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall is the new Doctor Who showrunner. Chibnall told the BBC said the 13th Doctor was always going to be a woman and that Jodie's "audition for the Doctor simply blew us all away. Jodie is an in-demand, funny, inspiring, super-smart force of nature and will bring loads of wit, strength and warmth to the role. The 13th Doctor is on her way."


1. War for the Planet of the Apes - $56.5 million

2. Spider-Man: Homecoming - $45.2 million

3. Despicable Me 3 - $18.9 million

4. Baby Driver - $8.8 million

5. The Big Sick - $7.6 million

War for the Planet of the Apes was number-one at the weekend box office with $56.5 million. 

Last weekend's top movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming, dropped to second with $45.2 million. The superhero flick has made $208.3 million in 10 days.

Despicable Me 3 went from second to third with $18.9 million.

Baby Driver also dropped a slot, landing in fourth with $8.8 million.

The romantic comedy The Big Sick rose from eight to fifth with $7.6 million.

The horror flick Wish Upon opened in seventh with $5.6 million.

CLASSIC WEST: Eagles Family Reunion   

The Eagles played their first concert since the death of Glenn Frey last night (Saturday) at The Classic West at Dodger Stadium in L.A. They followed Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers onto the stage on the first night of the two-day festival, which today (Sunday) will feature Fleetwood Mac, Journey and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Frey's son Deacon and country singer-guitarist Vince Gill took over on the songs Frey would have sung, with the exception of "Heartache Tonight." Bob Seger, who worked with the teenaged Frey in Detroit, was called out to sing the hit he wrote with Frey, Don Henley and J.D. Souther.

As he introduced Deacon Frey's first-ever lead vocal with the band on "Take It Easy," Joe Walsh said they were dedicating the show to Glenn Frey, who died in January 2016. He told the crowd, "We're here because of family and you are all part of that family."

Later, Don Henley introduced both of the band's additions and thanked Southern California for its support. "In case this is our last dance...It all started here in Los Angeles 46 years ago. Glenn is with us in spirit, and you’re here for the songs that he wrote and that we wrote. Glenn is also here in the form of his son Deacon. Someone else is here, too. Make welcome Vince Gill."

Wearing Dodger pitcher Kenley Jansen's number-74 uniform shirt, Deacon Frey addressed the crowd before "Peaceful Easy Feeling." He said, "This is unbelievable. The last few years have been rough. The only remedy for that is love and I’m feeling it from you tonight. This is my medicine.”

As the song ended, he added, “Anyone out there miss my dad?” as a photograph of Glenn went up on the huge screens behind him. The crowd answered with a long round of applause.

The band's 23-song set opened with the ensemble harmony number "Seven Bridges Road" and also included the Henley-sung "Last Resort," the closing number on the Hotel California album, which they'd last performed in 2011. As they have done many times before, they closed with "Desperado."

The Classic East at CitiField in New York on July 29th is the Eagles' last scheduled performance for now. It may turn out to be their last one ever.

Don Henley on the Eagles without Glenn Frey. OC:…and play the songs. :31

“We’re not the same Eagles, okay. It’s never gonna be the same without Glenn. You know, Glenn is irreplaceable. But the songs are the same. They’re the songs that we created. He was certainly a major part of that. You know, look there are bands out there who only have one or two original members who are still performing under the same name. And there are also like a dozen Eagles tribute bands out there. I mean they call it a tribute, but it’s really more of a lucrative business for them. So, we figure why not have at least a majority of the same lineup go out and play the songs.”


Eagles (Lead vocalist in parenthesis)

  1. Seven Bridges Road (Ensemble)
  2. Take It Easy (Deacon Frey )
  3. One of These Nights (Don Henley)
  4. Take It to the Limit (Vince Gill)
  5. Tequila Sunrise (Vince Gill )
  6. Witchy Woman (Don Henley)
  7. I Can't Tell You Why (Timothy B. Schmit)
  8. Lyin' Eyes (Vince Gill )
  9. Those Shoes (Don Henley)
  10. Peaceful Easy Feeling (Deacon Frey)
  11. Best of My Love (Don Henley)
  12. Love Will Keep Us Alive (Timothy B. Schmit)
  13. New Kid in Town (Vince Gill)
  14. The Last Resort (Don Henley)
  15. Already Gone (Deacon Frey)
  16. In the City (Joe Walsh)
  17. Heartache Tonight (Bob Seger)
  18. Life's Been Good (Joe Walsh)
  19. Funk #49 (Joe Walsh)
  20. Life in the Fast Lane (Don Henley)

Encores:   21. Hotel California (Don Henley)   22. Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh)   23. Desperado (Don Henley)

Steely Dan

  1. Bodhisattva
  2. Black Cow
  3. Hey Nineteen
  4. Aja
  5. Time Out of Mind
  6. Green Earrings
  7. Dirty Work
  8. Babylon Sisters
  9. Josie
  10. My Old School
  11. Reelin' in the Years
  12. Kid Charlemagne


The Doobie Brothers

  1. Jesus Is Just Alright
  2. Rockin' Down the Highway
  3. Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)
  4. Dark Eyed Cajun Woman
  5. Spirit
  6. Sweet Maxine
  7. Eyes of Silver
  8. Clear as the Driven Snow
  9. Takin' It to the Streets
  10. The Doctor
  11. Black Water
  12. Long Train Runnin'
  13. China Grove


  1. Without You
  2. Listen to the Music
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