Whole Foods employee "spills the beans"

Grocery shopping at Whole Foods is better than most supermarket experiences. But these insider secrets from Whole Foods food editor Molly Siegler will make it even more appealing.

  • You can taste anything before you buy it - They have a Try Before You Buy policy that even covers packaged foods like snacks, as well as fresh produce and even cheese!
  • You can return anything - Their return policy “is very Nordstrom-like — bring it back; we want you to be happy," Siegler says. And don’t worry if you don’t have your receipt, she says it’s nice if you have it but not really necessary.
  • The best day to shop for sales is Wednesday - The sales at Whole Foods turn over on Wednesday, so shop that day for twice as many sales.
  • Everything in the hot bar, salad bar, and bakery area is created by culinary experts - The company brought in top chef Tien Ho to upgrade the prepared foods and Siegler says there’s a team of trained culinary pros behind every dish.
  • The butchers can debone, season, and/or steam any cut of fish for you - All for free!
  • Employees get a really good discount - New employees start with a 20% discount and there’s a “health-focused incentive” that earns them a higher discount.
  • The best-selling seafood item is the responsibly farmed salmon - It’s the number-one selling seafood item companywide and it has no antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, or GMOs.
  • Each Whole Foods location donates leftover food to local organizations - All stores partner with local food banks and other groups to donate leftover hot food at the end of the day.
  • They really do take ingredients seriously - Whole Foods has really high quality standards. Siegel points out that they don’t sell anything with artificial colors, artificial preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or hydrogenated fats. “Every single thing in our stores meets those standards,” she explains, “and often people don’t realize that.”


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