Names that are "nearing extinction"

Any parent with a kid that has five Caitlyns in their class knows that over the years some baby names grow in popularity while others go out of fashion. Well, BabyCenter just came out with a list of names that were once popular but are apparently on the verge of becoming extinct, so if you want to give your kid a name nobody else has, now’s your chance.

According to the website there are 14 names that were once popular, but have apparently fallen out of favor, since not one of the 200,000 American babies currently registered on their site have been given them.

Among the names on the verge of extinction:


  1. Bette/Bettie
  2. Blanche
  3. Erma/Irma
  4. Krista
  5. Myrtle
  6. Olga
  7. Rhonda


  1. Carroll
  2. Dick
  3. Homer
  4. Lowell
  5. Roosevelt
  6. Rudolph
  7. Willard

Source: Today

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