The Daily Dish for July 28th 2017


Photographer Still Has Love for Justin Bieber

The photographer that Justin Bieber hit with his truck has forgiven Justin.

Maurice Lamont posted a selfie video yesterday from his hospital gurney. He didn’t blame Justin. Maurice said he’s a “good kid” and “accidents happen.”

That may have been the painkillers talking. Somehow, he's in a forgiving mood even though Justin sent him to the hospital on his birthday!

Maurice did suggest to the pint-size singer that he ought to buy a mini-Cooper. He said (quote) “I think the truck was a little bit too big. Cause there is no way Justin could see over the dash.”

Taylor Swift Double-Dates with Blake Lively

Taylor Swift double-dated with Blake Lively.

E! News reported the couples spent a romantic get-away at Taylor’s seaside mansion in Rhode Island. Blake visited there last year with Ryan Reynolds. She was pregnant at the Fourth of July celebration.

Naturally, Taylor's down-low boyfriend Joe Alwyn tagged along. He must have felt completely out of place hanging with A-listers.

This week, Joe and Taylor have huddled down at her Tribeca penthouse. Her massive security team has protected her from hordes of photographers. They’re on stake-out for when she leaves to visit the gym. Recently, she’s thwarted the cameras by hiding under large hoodies.

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO: Raises $30 Million for Environment

A private dinner with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio was the big auction item at his Foundation gala. It sold for around 15-grand!

Wednesday night’s star-studded event on the French Riviera raised 30 million dollars for environment causes. Leo is passionate about wildlife preservation and saving the planet from climate change.

The auction got frenzied for the three separate dinners with the co-stars of Titanic. Also joining the reunion at the gala was Billy Zane. He Instagrammed the moment with the caption, (quote) “Gangs back together. Now we’re saving icebergs. Go figure. Ha!”

Altogether, Leo spent an estimated 6 million dollars to host the lavish fundraiser at a vineyard near Saint Tropez, France. (Vanity Fair)

SIMONE BILES: Doped on Drugs for Wisdom Teeth

Simone Biles just released a video that ought to go viral.

Her family recorded Simone coming out of wisdom teeth surgery. The anesthesia drugs made her goofy. She tweeted the hilarious moment.

With her mouth stuffed with gauze, she hallucinated driving a big rig truck. Simone motioned with her hands as she turned the steering wheel. Then attempted to make a honking sound as she pressed down on the make-believe horn.

Off-camera, you can hear her family members laugh so hard they probably peed their pants.


Katy Perry to Host “Fake” Awards Show

MTV selected Katy Perry to host next month's Video Music Awards.

Katy tweeted yesterday (quote) “Introducing your MOONWOMAN. Brace for impact! August 27th on @MTV @VMAs”

At first glance, it’s a smart choice. She’s nominated for five Video Music Awards. She’s got a bubbly personality and always up for a good time. And with Katy the hosting gig, she’s automatically earned the right to perform. So even more people are likely to tune into MTV’s annual event.

However, just last month, Katy told the New York Times(quote) “All the awards shows are fake and all the awards that I’ve won are fake.”

Just a guess, but MTV is about to honor her with more fake awards now that she’s agreed to host their fake show.


Dunkirk could be the first movie since Wonder Woman to repeat atop the movie charts.

But faces two strong competitors in the animated comedy The Emoji Movie and Charlize Theron's spy thriller called Atomic Blonde.

Both new films are projected to earn around 20 million dollars. Yet, The Emoji Movie has an advantage of being a family-friendly film on more than 4,000 screens. Matinees will likely sell out, despite the critics calling it poop.

Meanwhile, Dunkirk can expect a drop in ticket sales by 45%, which places it in the high 20 million dollar range. (Box Office Mojo)


Jennifer Aniston is returning to TV. She hasn't had a regular gig since Friends ended in 2004.

Now, Aniston has teamed with Reese Witherspoon for a series revolving around a morning TV show based in New York City. Aniston and Witherspoon will star. Because they’re blonde and beautiful, they’re probably playing morning show hosts.

The Hollywood Reporter said the series is looking for a home, possibly at HBO or a streaming service like Netflix.

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