Here's this week's "I'm Lovin' It"

Remember the song that was playing during the car chase in "Mr & Mrs Smith"? I LOVE that song!! I remember being really little, riding in the car with my mom while she belted out these sad, slow songs. I didn't know what they were singing about or why they were so sad. I didn't even know who they were. I did know that I loved all the songs, even at 5 years old. She was in. to. it. Those songs turned out to be Air Supply. Hi, my name is Jackie. I loved Air Supply then, and I love Air Supply now! When I heard they were coming to town, the first person I called was my mom! Want to relive your childhood and see them LIVE at The Isleta Resort and Casino? They will be here Friday night. We've got your tickets. Just send your name, number and DOB to . Want to find out more about the show, details are right here

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JTD in the Morning

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